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Buy your Will, via our secure platform, and complete the interview to assist our lawyers


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Step 3. Sign it

Follow the step-by-step instructions on how to sign your Will so that it is legally valid


Artificial Intelligence + Human Touch

We take advantage of the most advanced online technology to guarantee that you can prepare a Will that looks word-for-word the same as one prepared by a solicitor.

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Peace of mind

You will have your final Last Will and Testament checked over for consistency and completeness by one of our Australian Solicitors.

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We have created the perfect balance between technology and the human touch to ensure that you receive the best value for money.

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If you die without a valid will, your money and possessions may not go to the people you would like them to.

Reviewed By A Licensed Solicitor

A Will makes it much easier for your family or friends to sort everything out when you die.

Without a Will, the process can be more time consuming and stressful.

If you don’t have a legitimate Will in place prior to your death, the law determines who will receive your assets.

Our online Will service allows you to create your Will today and have a finalised copy within 24 hours.

Unlike other online Will services, our Wills are reviewed by an Australian Licensed Solicitor, meaning that you can feel assured that your final wishes will be recorded accurately.

Writing a Will is especially important if you have children or other family who depend on you financially, or if you want to leave something to people outside your immediate family.


Feel Secure With Our Will Service

Most DIY Will kits give too much responsibility to the individual preparing the Will.

There are too many blank spaces and not enough guidance.

The consequences of incorrectly completing a blank kit are extreme.

We guide you through the process and make sure that every possible scenario is covered in your distribution plan.

We prompt you to name your key appointments, describe your family situation, ask you to name guardians for children if appropriate, and set up trusts.

Finalising Your Will Is Easy

Once you complete our online interview, you will then need to finalise your Will

For a Will to be valid it must be signed by you, and witnessed by two people, who must also sign it in your presence

You must have the mental capacity to make the Will and understand the effect it will have, and you must have made the Will voluntarily and without pressure from anyone else.



$250 to use our Will service that includes an advice and review from an Australian Solicitor


Why Do I Need A Will

It is important for you to make a will whether or not you consider you have many possessions or much money.

If you die without a will, there are certain rules which dictate how the money, property or possessions should be allocated.

This may not be the way that you would have wished your money and possessions to be distributed

If you are in a de facto relationship, there is not an automatic right of inheritance unless there is a will, so the death of one partner may create serious financial problems for the remaining partner.

If you have children, you will need to make a will so that arrangements for the children can be made if either one or both parents die.

Do I Need A Lawyer To Make A Will

Our Wills are the perfect balance between artificial intelligence and the human touch.

Once you complete the online interview, your answers will be sent to one of our Australian Licensed Solicitors.

There is no need for a will to be drawn up or witnessed by a solicitor.

However, you should only consider doing this if the will is going to be straightforward.

Our solicitors will then check your Will to make sure it will have the effect you want.

This is all included in the cost of our Will service.

We do this because it is easy to make mistakes and, if there are errors in the will, this can cause problems after your death.

Sorting out misunderstandings and disputes after your death may result in considerable legal costs, which will reduce the amount of money you will leave to your loved ones.

What Should I Include In A Will

You will need to appoint someone who will sort out the estate and carry out your wishes as set out in the will.

These person is known as an executor.

You should give some thought as to how much money and what property and possessions you have, for example, property, money, personal pensions, bank and building society accounts, shares, crypto currency.

You should make a list of all the people to whom you wish to leave money or possessions.

These people are known as beneficiaries.

You may want to leave any money to charity who will also receive a benefit from your Will.

What Is An Executor?

Executors are the people who will be responsible for carrying out your wishes and for sorting out the estate.

They will have to collect together all the assets of the estate, apply for probate and deal with all the paperwork associated with the estate.

They will need to pay out the gifts and transfer any property to beneficiaries.

It is not necessary to appoint more than 1 executor although it is advisable to do so – for example, in case one of them dies.

It is common to appoint 2, but up to 4 executors can take on responsibility for administering the will after a death.

The people most commonly appointed as executors are:

  • relatives or friends
  • solicitors or accountants

Should I Change My Will After Divorce

If you get married after you have made a Will, the Will is generally revoked, unless you have made it in anticipation of marriage.

If you get a divorce after you make your Will, it will revoke or cancel a gift to a former spouse.

Your spouse will no longer be appointed as executor or trustee in the Will, unless your former spouse is left as a trustee of property left on trust for beneficiaries that include children of both you and the former spouse.

We strongly recommend that in the event that you get married or divorced, that you update your Will.

When you update your Will with our service, all previous Wills you have made will be automatically revoked.


If you die without a valid will, your money and possessions may not go to the people you would like them to.

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